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About Walter

Walter Danley is a mystery and suspense novelist who writes highly praised, fast-paced thrillers to die for! Before his writing career, Danley was a four decades veteran of real estate investments on a national platform. One early writing experience was that he authored the college course, Creative and Unconventional Finance. He taught the class and lectured at five campuses of the University of California Extension School. In addition, he served on the UCLA Real Estate Advisory Board for three years. Walter refocused on his education in mid-career, enrolling in Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management and earned an MBA in the prestigious Presidential/Key Executives program. He did post graduate work in Management Theory at the Claremont Graduate School of Business. Walter now lives in the Texas Hill Country, where he works on the sequel to his suspense thriller, The Tipping Point: A Wainwright Mystery, as well as another novel he describes as an historical western with a fantasy twist.

Cowboy lament


When I saw this I had two thoughts; I wanted my friend and ex-business partner, Jim Nagle, to have it to hang above his computer work station, and the other was that this is a beautiful sentiment. It describes the way I’ve lived my life. Maybe this should be carved on a tombstone, if I was going to have one, that is.

Well, Nagle got it and hung it on his office wall. I’ll just have to wait and see how long I can keep-on skidding broadside in a cloud of smoke!